Mobikon provides great opportunities for partners through its single dashboard CRM platform that helps with real-time customer engagement and automated marketing for restaurants.


What do they do: Strategic partners who manage end to end sales and help the clients achieve their goals


Who can be the Resellers: Digital marketing agencies, SMEs selling industry specific software



  • Easy Onboarding & deployment process
  • Attractive commission model
  • Zero upfront cost
  • Sustainable Revenue
  • Dedicated support
Technology Partner

What do they do: Leverage our APIs to integrate with your platform to provide high-end technology solution


Who can be technology partners: Point of sale, Payment Platforms, Consumer apps, Web Development companies



  • Provide end to end integrated solution
  • Access to in-store restaurant reviews
  • Rich & powerful industry insights
  • Drive out competition
  • Generate more revenues

What do they do: Act as our brand ambassadors and get long term benefits


Who can be the Affiliate Partners: Bloggers, Suppliers, PR agency, Restaurant Consultants or industry experts and go to person



  • Leverage intelligent Marketing
  • Increase ROI for clients
  • Get Customer Insights & analytics
  • Revenue stream
  • Increase revenues

Partner With Us?

Mobikon provide opportunities for you to take your business to the next level with the wide range of benefits offered through our unique and exclusive partnership model.

Why Partner with Mobikon?

  • Gain Success with our Expertise
  • Gain Edge over competition
  • Combine assets to develop innovative solutions
  • Improve your bottom line and profitability
  • Gain access to proven technology


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