What is mEngage What is mEngage?

Intelligent Marketing
Intelligent Marketing
Customer Profile
Customer Profile
Mobile-Web Engagement
Mobile-Web Engagement
Notification Center
Notification Center
Customer Feedback
Customer Feedback
Intelligent Marketing

Intelligent Marketing Intelligent Marketing

mEngage helps you send targeted messages to your customers, by utilizing their unique interactions with your business.

  • Leverages consumer behaviour and user data for better messaging
  • Sends right message at the right time. ( Birthday & Anniversary triggers, Referral Triggers, Upselling Triggers )
  • Detailed Filters for better targeted campaigns. ( Filter customers by ratings, order value, spend, dish preference, location, gender, age group and more)
  • mEngage helps you convert offline campaigns to interactive online campaigns via QR code & redemption POS.

Customer Profiles Customer Profiles

Know your customers better. mEngage provides detailed insights on customer visits and interactions which will help you to understand and exceed their expectations.

  • Customer visit counts and spend history
  • Preferences and order history
  • Reviews and Ratings.
  • Simple loyalty tools to track Visits and Spend

Customer Profiles - Ronald David
Engagement Tools

Engagement Tools Engagement Tools

mEngage provides multiple consumer touch points via Mobile and Web Apps from Feedback, Ordering, Reservations to Loyalty. Integrate these touch points to your existing apps or launch new ones.

  • Real time inStore Feedback
  • Pre-Order, Delivery, Pick-up or inStore ordering
  • Accept Reservations online, Social or via Mobile
  • Launch simple loyalty programs with one click

Notification & Alerts Notification & Alerts

mEngage, Notification centre provides an instant communication channel and alerts platform for staff to be more responsive and efficient.

  • Email, SMS and inApp alerts
  • Intelligent Notification based on customer check-ins, orders and feedback
  • Multi level escalations
  • Can be customised based on management role

Notification & Alerts
Customer Feedback

Customer Feedback Customer Feedback

Capture, Engage and Measure customer feedback integrated across inStore, Mobile and Web Channels to enhance customer experience.

  • Industry Leader in inStore feedback platform for restaurants
  • Share feedback across Social & other review platforms
  • Automated Engagement Modules linked to customer’s feedback
  • Real time analytics and notifications for better response

Leverages consumer behaviour and user data for better messaging.

Engage Customers, launch and run targeted campaigns, drive ROI
and delight your customers.

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