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Loyalty Marketing – Sure Shot Way to Lure Your Customer

Statistics show that your business needs five times more financial efforts to acquire new customer than to retain the existing ones. Moreover, the current customers tend to spend 67% more

7 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Understanding your Customer Psychology

Restaurant is a place where people come not only to satisfy their hunger pangs but also for sheer entertainment, experience good ambiance, get pampered, spend quality time with family and

Five Common Mistakes Everyone makes in taking Customer Feedback

Customer feedback – the procedure of obtaining a customer’s view about the business, product and service. It is the vital aspect of business ownership. It can help in improving and

Scale Up Customer Retention with Customer Relationship Management

  Here we list three phases of Customer Relationship Management that you can use to Scale Up Customer Retention and boost your restaurant business tremendously. In a restaurant sector, attracting customers is easy

Mark Your Social Presence and Boost Your Restaurant Business

Here, we discuss a few simple but effective ideas on how to boost your restaurant marketing through social media platforms. Everywhere you turn, you are bound to see someone using

Loyal Customers Will Make You Tons Of Cash. Here’s How!

Loyal Customers Will Make You Tons Of Cash. Here’s How!   You must have spent years in marketing your brand through various services, but do not forget that, the customers

7 Reasons Why Restaurants Lose their Loyal Customers

7 Reasons Why Restaurants Lose their Loyal Customers New restaurants are mushrooming rapidly, which means restaurant owners are bound to face rivalry each day. To remain successful in such competitions,

5 Small but Important Things to Observe In Customer Expectations

Understanding customer expectations is the key to excellent customer service leading ultimately to customer delight. Knowing who your customers are and what they want, goes a long way in achieving this. Do

Key to Success – Customer Service & Customer Engagement Skills

There are only two rules that any service sector business, especially a restaurant needs to follow to be successful – 1) Customer Service & 2) Customer Engagement. With the boom of

10 Restaurant Marketing Ideas to Lead in Food Business

Restaurant marketing ideas are as many as there are stars in the sky. What you need to focus on is your areas of strength and areas where you can do

5 Ways to Convert Every Customer into a Loyal Customer

There's more to converting your customer into loyal customer. Here, we discuss 5 ways in which you can convert your every customer into loyal a customer.

14 Common Doubts about Effective Restaurant Marketing

Have you ever wondered why in spite of providing awesome food and incredible client services, there are a lot of empty tables in your restaurant? Well, this is one such

15 Consumer Engagement ideas you should use in 2016

Today, marketers are trying hard to formulate and execute strategies that would help them with the all important consumer engagement. So, how would you drive consumer engagement? Well, here we're going to elaborate on those tips.

10 Most Common Marketing Mistakes Made by Restaurants

Lack of understanding & focus on marketing fundamentals could have negative impact on your entire business in long run. So what could be those blunders? Here is the rundown of 10 most common marketing mistakes made by the restaurants.

How did the Restaurant Loyalty Programs Evolve?

Restaurant Loyalty Programs – a Great way to build a sustainable Food Business! Empty seats in a restaurant? A complete No-No. A repeat and regular guest in a restaurant? Certainly

3D Branding – In-Depth Perspective of Marketing

The practice of building recognition, logo, symbol, or anything that differentiates your products from others is called branding. Although branding closely revolves around these, the real essence lies in the

How is Social Media Under-Utilized by Restaurants

Social media is not a temporary thing, in one way or the other it is going to stay. It has to a certain extent become an inherent part of innumerable

What to Share on Social Media to Get Maximum Results

You need engagement, virality, re-tweet, likes, shares, adherents, and the various well done that accompanies online networking. Be that as it may, have you ever stepped back and pondered what

Want to Boost Restaurant Revenue? Say Happy Birthday!

Do you want to increase repeat customers? Worried about getting new customers?  Are you looking to boost restaurant revenue? Birthdays are extremely popular and unlike the conventional methods of having a

Increasing Profitability with Your Restaurant Menu Design

What I have noticed is that restaurateurs spend time, energy and money in conceptualizing designs for the bar, architecture for the sittings, fixtures and furniture’s so on and so forth.

Tips to Enhance Restaurant Website Design

  Everybody has a site now however basically having a site doesn’t produce comes about/income independent from anyone else. Your site should be selective, one that pulls in, draws in

Benefits of SaaS Restaurant POS Software

REMOTE SUPPORT Before the SaaS model, POS frameworks could only be suppored on-site. Routine models require restaurant owners to pay an IT expert to come in and keep up and investigate

Mobile website or Mobile App – What is right for Your restaurant?


5 Proven Ways to Grow Your Restaurant Business

Growth, stability, profitability, survival are the main agendas for a long term for any business. In the current times, it is easy to understand things individually but difficult to grasp

From Good to Great – How to Market Your Restaurant Better

The only difference between good and great is that good is the enemy of great. There is a thin line of difference between good and great and often people fail

5 Ways to Engage Your Restaurant Customers

A lot of people dream to set up a classy fine-dine restaurant and on a pleasantly cool evening sit down in their very own restaurant and perhaps say this to

How to Boost Your Restaurant Business – Golden Tips

Who doesn’t want a giant boost to their businesses? It takes a lot of careful and deliberate efforts to enhance your profits and let your restaurant business grow. Boosting your F&B

How Blogging can Grow Your Restaurant Business

In the age where the country aims to go digital and you are only digitally available, you know the conventional forms of marketing has only so much propensity to enable

How to Make Your Restaurant a Success, Season after Season

Evolve: Evolution is the key, you cannot stay at one single place for too long, you may become static and the competition would destroy your business. In order to evolve

What are the Best Ways to Market Your Restaurant

The term marketing has been described as an activity of promotion of one’s product or service with an objective of increasing consumer awareness or increase in its consumption. What’s latent

3 Steps of Restaurant Marketing for Higher Revenues

BUILD DATABASE Understanding the idea of building database sounds easy and obvious, but the most part of the difficulty lies in initiating the very idea of building such a database.

How Social Media Marketing can Help Restaurant Business

[trx_quote style=”1″]It won’t be entirely wrong to say that if you are not present on social media, you don’t exist in the vast labyrinth that is the internet. More than

How Your Restaurant Could Reward Your Staff Like Starbucks

One of the ghastly issues faced by this country is how employees in general are confabulated with and have recourse to. There is nothing to be blamed on each one

10 Tips to make Your Restaurant Holiday Season a Rocking one

India has been gifted with great biodiversity, cultural heritage and demographics which force us or rather influence us for a greater good and often during seasons. During the span of

How New World Technology is helping the Restaurant Industry

It is thrilling to see how technology is transforming the hospitality sector. Having changed every aspect of current-day living, technology is continuously and significantly reforming the food industry. It is

5 Creative Marketing Ideas for Restaurants this Festive Season

Gone are the days when only decorating your restaurant with colourful LEDs and lanterns to attract customers during the festive season was an amazing marketing scheme. People do not visit

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